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EMCS Industries Ltd is a trusted manufacturer of the MARELCO™ suite of antifouling + anticorrosion solutions, the North American distributor of Evac’s Cathelco products, and a service provider to multiple vessels worldwide, providing turnkey antifouling and anticorrosion solutions to marine industry including Passenger Ferries and Cruise Ships. 

Whether your passengers are jumping on a ferry to cross a body of water or boarding a cruise ship for a memorable vacation, antifouling and anticorrosion solutions are hard at work, protecting the vessel from biofouling and corrosion. Our world-class suite of turnkey solutions and products efficiently lengthens the time between service intervals, extends the vessel’s life in the fleet, and increases its speed and fuel efficiency while decreasing emissions and maintenance costs. 

EMCS Industries contribute to a safe passage for all passengers to their commuter destinations or to visit beautiful vacation places, ensuring a more memorable experience for operators and passengers alike.


Passenger Ferries,Cruise Ships, mgps, marine growth prevention system, antifouling system
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