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All orders are delivered Ex-works (EXW), or Free Carrier (FCA) from our factory locations in the UK or from our main factory on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, Orders are packed securely in certified crates that meet all international regulations for transit.

We offer a prepay and add freight service, either DDU (Delivery Duties Unpaid) or DDP (Delivery Duties Paid), with a 20% handling fee. Delivery times are advised at the time of shipment depending on whether transported by ground, sea or air. Deliveries depend on accurate paperwork and how busy the customs clearance brokers are in different countries. For the sake of shipping security, the delivery company may ask you a delivery receipt.

Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays determined by common and other freight carriers. We go by the terms on our quote or the purchase order terms for each order. The more information we have upon placing the order, the easier it is to select a shipping method that will provide value and speedy delivery.

INCO Terms Shipping


lead time

EMCS Industries Ltd. continues to tailor antifouling solutions to meet your needs. We provide proactive and reliable support from receipt of the Purchase Order to commissioning the product.

MARELCO™ Lead Time
MARELCO™ Lead Time Infographic

Cargo Hold PROGRAM

We know you have bigger things to think about when planning a dry dock than your antifouling solution!  Let us help you take the hassle out of this little necessity with our Cargo Hold program.  With prices rising rapidly in this volatile metals market, our Cargo Hold Program allows you to lock in your anode prices up to a year ahead and avoid any last minute surprises.


  • Avoid paying more than necessary for anodes in a rising metals market.
  • Rest easy knowing there will be no delays; your product is ready whenever you need it.
  • Check this small but vital component off your list early when planning your dry dock.


  1. You place your order when budget allocated and dry dock scheduled. 
  2. Your product will be manufactured immediately.
  3. The product will be warehoused at no charge until you are ready for it.
  4. We will invoice you on our standard Net 30-day payment terms.
  5. When you are ready to receive your product, we will coordinate with your logistics company, or arrange shipping ourselves, to any destination you require.

Please review our full Terms and Conditions of Sale.

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