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Did you know that we invented the first electrolytic marine growth protection, and the first frequency based antifouling systems?

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For the ship builder or vessel owner who wants to spend more time on the water and less time in dry dock, EMCS Industries Ltd manufactures antifouling solutions that – more than any other brands – gives you exceptional protection from marine fouling and corrosion. EMCS prides itself on being a marine industry manufacturing leader and serving the truly world-class customers who rely on our MARELCO™ and NOXX HYD™ anti-fouling systems to keep their fleets corrosion and fouling free. Read more

We will take seriously our professional obligation to begin at the beginning, and we will never put our clients or ourselves in the position where we are prescribing solutions without first fully diagnosing the client’s challenge.

~ Blair Enns, 2010

Marelco™ Marine Growth and Corrosion Control uses impressed current Copper and Aluminum sacrificial anodes to control corrosion of seawater piping systems.

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EMCS Industries Ltd is proud to offer the Marelco™ NOXX HYD™ Anti Fouling solution that will work from the smallest recreational vessel to the largest cruise ship.

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