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Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) Surveys

Ensure the effectiveness of your Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) system with our comprehensive ICCP Surveys. The corrosive nature of seawater poses a significant threat to the steel or metal hulls and internal seawater systems of marine vessels. ICCP systems provide vital protection, allowing vessels to navigate the seas without succumbing to the harsh effects of seawater. Conducting an ICCP Survey is crucial to ensure the optimal performance of your system.

ICCP system installation during vessel construction is a cost-effective measure that extends the vessel’s lifespan and maintains its integrity throughout its operational lifetime.

Our experienced technicians travel worldwide, offering thorough surveys and detailed reports on various ICCP systems. Our team provides comprehensive reports on system status and offers recommendations for improvement.

ICCP System Survey

With EMCS, you can rely on our technicians to conduct inspections on all types of cathodic protection systems, whether at sea or during dry dock periods. We meticulously inspect parts, transformers, reference electrodes, hull anodes, and shaft earthing, providing detailed reports accompanied by photographs.


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