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Trevor Tasker, President and CEO, bought EMCS Industries Ltd. from the Ramsay family in 2015 and has moved full steam ahead to bring this successful business to new heights and recognition in the marine industry.

Trevor was impassioned for the company and for providing turnkey antifouling solutions to the marine industry. He acquired Hull Tender International Inc. in August 2016, expanding EMCS further into the commercial, passenger vessels, and offshore platform markets.

Hull Tender International Inc. built on an idea its founder, Derek Knox, had in the 1970s to use a low-frequency pulse emitted into the water to discourage barnacles and mussels from attaching to boats’ undersides. Derek’s design was innovative and environmentally friendly; the company’s success was based solely on word of mouth. The Hydrosonic Hull Tender system (later renamed the NOXX HYD™ system, as a tribute to its founder) impressed Tasker, and in a few short months after their first contact, Knox and Tasker made a deal. 

Hydrosonic Hull Tender became part of EMCS Industries Ltd. Two outstanding companies in the anticorrosion and antifouling industry are coming together under the name MARELCO™ by EMCS Industries Ltd.

At EMCS Industries, we are passionate about delivering incredible customer service and supporting our customers with time-tested and sustainable antifouling solutions that work for the outcomes our customers seek. As innovators in antifouling and corrosion, we continue to pioneer cleantech solutions that reduce costs, improve performance, and protect the marine environment. 


When I purchased EMCS Industries Ltd in 2015, it wasn’t clear what our corporate values were or the alignment of my vision for the company. However, having clear company values is paramount to our future success. 

With a few years under my belt, I know who we are as a company. I can define our values, culture, and objectives that support my vision and shape the company’s future.

My guidance is from Steve Hansen, the famous All-Black Rugby Coach. Steve was asked once how he motivated his players. He responded, “My goal as a coach is not to motivate players but rather to create an environment where motivated players can succeed.” 

For me, that sums it up! The core of defining an environment where motivated team members can succeed starts with a foundation of well-defined values. From there, we build a team that provides excellent customer service and always seeks to innovate and improve without compromising our values and culture of trust. Our values drive every decision we make and define our organization; they guide my team and me to achieve the same goals.

The result for our customers is a partnership relationship! 

We focus on an outcome rather than a product. Anyone can provide a product as a supplier; however, our culture ensures that it leads to a successful OUTCOME!  We are with you every step of the way as a partner. 

We treat our partners how we expect to be treated; our values will align in a partnership, and we will naturally be treated the same way in return.

– Trevor Tasker (President and CEO)

EMCS Industries Corporate Values
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