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EMCS Industries Ltd. focuses on empowering our customers with practical strategies to address biofouling, a significant factor in maintaining smooth and efficient maritime operations. At the heart of our approach are the Biofouling Management Assessments, designed to guide the development of robust vessel maintenance schedules, enhance energy efficiency, and ensure adherence to the latest regulatory standards.

The challenge of biofouling, which impacts ship exteriors, obstructs intake grates, and affects internal systems, necessitates a proactive and sustained management strategy. By promoting routine maintenance and preventive measures, we assist our clients in combating marine growth and corrosion, extending vessels’ lifespan, boosting operational efficiency, and securing regulatory compliance.

Our expertise extends beyond the innovative electrolytic MGPS founded in 1955 to include a broad spectrum of antifouling techniques to protect maritime assets from biofouling’s adverse effects. This integrated strategy is dedicated to preserving vessel performance, enhancing energy efficiency, and meeting stringent environmental regulations.

Moreover, each inspection carried out by an EMCS technician is thoroughly documented in a detailed report to ensure complete transparency. Our findings are presented, along with recommended actions to protect your vessel from the risks associated with corrosion and marine fouling.

EMCS Industries Ltd. is committed to delivering the expertise and solutions necessary for efficient maritime operations. Our offerings are designed to align with your specific goals through tailored support and strategic advice, ensuring your vessel achieves optimal protection and operational efficiency and working towards compliance with the highest standards in the maritime industry.

Partner with us to navigate the complexities of biofouling management and chart a successful, compliant course for your maritime ventures.

EMCS Industries Survey + Inspection Services

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ICCP System Survey + Inspection Services

The salt waters of the world’s oceans contribute to the corrosion of marine vessels’ steel hulls. ICCP systems protect the ship from experiencing the harsh effects of seawater and ensure its smooth sailing. The ICCP system is built into the vessel during construction as a cost-effective way to extend the hull’s life and ensure integrity throughout its operating lifetime.

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Antifouling System Survey + Inspection Services

As the inventor of the MGPS, EMCS Industries Ltd. excels at providing comprehensive feedback. As part of our antifouling system surveys, we will advise you of the complete removal of marine growth on all types of vessels. Whether your vessel needs a complete MGPS replacement or just a repair, we ensure that ships operate without any issues.

ICCP, MGPS, Electrical System Survey, Wires

ICCP and MGPS Electrical System Survey + Inspection Services

We provide inspections of electronic MGPS and ICCP control panels. As technology changes rapidly and many of those panels are outdated, it is essential to ensure that they comply with code and regulations.

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