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ICCP, MGPS, Electrical System Survey, Wires

ICCP and MGPS Electrical Surveys

At EMCS Industries, we specialize in providing comprehensive ICCP and MGPS Electrical Surveys for electronic MGPS and ICCP control panels. Our experienced technicians understand the unique challenges of different marine environments, allowing us to tailor solutions to your needs. We are committed to delivering responsive, proactive, and reliable support backed by seamless ongoing technical advice based on your survey findings.

Technology evolves rapidly, rendering many control panels outdated and requiring replacement. Ensuring that your control panels comply with current codes and regulations is crucial. Regular ICCP and MGPS Electrical Surveys help ensure your control panel remains up-to-date and operates efficiently. Various factors can impact a control panel’s performance and compromise accuracy, including environmental changes and overheating in engine rooms. Premature component failure or process shutdowns may result.

During our inspection, we assess crucial aspects such as IP ratings, waterproofing, component labeling, loose wires, and positioning of communication wires in proximity to high-voltage conductors, PCB boards, meter cards, and corroded wiring. We also confirm compliance with relevant codes (UL, CSA, CE, etc.). Additionally, the inspection ensures the safety of ship personnel working with the control panel.

Trust EMCS Industries to conduct thorough inspections that optimize control panel performance and prioritize the safety and efficiency of your operations.

Therefore, an Inspection includes:

  • IP ratings
  • Waterproofing
  • Component labeling
  • Loose wires
  • Communication wires are running too close to high voltage conductors.
  • PCB boards and meter cards
  • Corroded wiring
  • Confirmation that the panel meets the code (UL, CSA, CE, etc.)

Furthermore, the inspection ensures safety to all the ship personnel that works with the control panel.

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