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Manufacturing Antifouling Solutions

Manufacturing Antifouling Solutions and perfecting their performance is a top priority for MARELCO™ by EMCS Industries Ltd.

Our success is based on solid performance culture, a leading manufacturer of antifouling and anticorrosion products. We are proud of our stable and flexible operations. In today’s tumultuous business environment, stability and flexibility are vital for managing short-term ups and downs and creating long-lasting success. We are incredibly proud of our inventions and the ability to perfect our product.

Manufacturing antifouling solutions for the marine industry EMCS continually seek to stabilize internal processes and programs: our strict design control and innovative techniques to increase efficiency. Most importantly, at EMCS, we live by our company values. We, therefore, have high expectations from our customers and suppliers alike. 

In addition, we partner with suppliers with warehouses near our manufacturing facilities that may provide “day-of” parts handling to further our operations’ flexibility to meet our customer’s needs.

Continually strive to create strong internal and external partnerships and strong supplier partnerships and maintain effective internal collaboration that generates significant advantages for our customers.

We are a global manufacturer and service provider of antifouling solutions. However, we are proud to support our local businesses and the Canadian Blue Economy wherever possible.

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