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Impressed Current Cathodic Protection, ICCP
Impressed Current Cathodic Protection, ICCP
Impressed Current Cathodic Protection, ICCP
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EMCS Industries Ltd is the Exclusive Distributor of Cathelco ICCP Hull Protection in North America

Enhance the corrosion defence of your vessel, regardless of its size or hull material, with Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) System. Specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with protective coatings, this system provides an exceptional safeguard against hull corrosion, promoting your ship’s longevity and operational efficiency, from small leisure crafts to large commercial vessels and those with aluminum hulls.

Our ICCP technology is renowned for evenly distributing impressed current across the ship’s hull, adeptly covering complex structures and components, including shaft grounding systems. This strategic approach is instrumental in mitigating spark corrosion in bearings and gearboxes, which is crucial for maintaining the vessel’s overall integrity and enhancing performance across various sizes and types.

Setting itself apart from conventional anode-based systems, which often fall short in offering uniform protection, our ICCP system leverages anodes connected to a sophisticated control panel. This arrangement ensures the delivery of precise DC power across the entire hull, guaranteeing comprehensive defence against corrosive forces. Although ICCP primarily focuses on corrosion prevention, it is thoughtfully designed to complement other strategies to address marine growth and biofouling, thus offering a holistic maintenance solution.

The ICCP system is equipped with custom cathodic protection reference electrodes strategically positioned along the hull to facilitate remote adjustments and monitoring of protection levels. This feature ensures optimal performance and is particularly beneficial for vessels of various sizes and those with aluminum hulls, where corrosion risks might differ. The design includes multiple independent zones of anodes, each with a dedicated cathodic reference electrode, allowing for optimized current output tailored to the specific needs of different hull areas.

ICCP solutions have long-term warranties, underscoring our dedication to safeguarding your maritime investments. This commitment ensures that vessels, regardless of size or hull composition, remain operational and in prime condition over extended periods. Playing a crucial role in contemporary maritime maintenance strategies, our ICCP system presents a dependable and sophisticated answer to the persistent challenge of hull corrosion, providing vessel owners and operators with unparalleled peace of mind.

Difference between Impressed Current Cathodic Protection and Marine Growth Protection Systems

Using an ICCP system,  

  • Anodes are located on the exterior hull of the vessel and used in conjunction with the reference cell.
  • Anodes are wired through the hull to a control panel and the rudder has a slip ring assembly.
  • The vessel’s hull is neutralized to prevent corrosion only.
  • No marine growth protection is provided.
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Impressed Current Cathodic Protection
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