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MARELCO™ Antifouling + Anticorrosion

MARELCO™ antifouling and anticorrosion by EMCS Industries Ltd. are a suite of turnkey biofouling solutions for various applications.

We were founded in 1955, based on the invention of the world’s first electrolytic marine growth protection system, initially known as the ‘Cathelco” electrolytic MGPS. In the late ’80s EMCS rebranded to MARELCO™. Learn more about our history here.  

Today we continue to build the MARELCO™ name as an industry leader in antifouling and anticorrosion systems, as well as pioneer cleantech solutions that reduce costs, improve performance, and protect the marine environment.

We are specialists in our field! Our experienced technicians understand the challenges you face in different marine environments and the need for dependable antifouling and anticorrosion systems. Therefore, we continually tailor solutions to your needs. In addition, we provide responsive, proactive reliable, and ongoing seamless support and technical advice.

MARELCO™ Antifouling and Anticorrosion  Products

At EMCS Industries Ltd., we are passionate about supporting our customers with time-tested and sustainable antifouling solutions that work! Our products minimize intervention between dry docks, and we pride ourselves on our world-class customer service.

The MARELCO™ marine growth and corrosion protection system is a suite of solutions that reduces maintenance, achieves significant cost savings, and improves marine assets’ operational and environmental performance.

MARELCO™ suite of solutions include :

MARELCO™ Guardian – the original ‘Cathelco’ electrolytic Marine Growth Protection System (MGPS) also provides corrosion control for internal systems exposed to seawater intake.

MARELCO™ Liberator– an above-deck version of the MARELCO™ Guardian that prevents marine growth and corrosion of internal systems and other niche areas exposed to seawater intake.

MARELCO™ Deep – anode cages custom designed and built for a new or existing system that protects submersible pumps or intake pipes from marine fouling and corrosion, used on offshore rigs, seawater intake pipes, and industrial power plants.

MARELCO™ Liberator+ – a hybrid of our Liberator anode tank and frequency-based system to optimize biofouling and corrosion protection and reduce downtime.

EMCS ICCP Hull Protection System                                                                                         

(Impressed Current Cathodic Protection)

The ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection) System will give adequate corrosion protection to the hull of a ship over the vessel’s life in conjunction with a compatible protective coating system.

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