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Hybrid Antifouling System

The MARELCO™ Sentinel hybrid antifouling system is the best of both worlds.

This hybrid antifouling system comprises two unique technologies: the NOXX HYD™ low-frequency antifouling system and the MARELCO™ Liberator anode tank.  

The NOXX HYD™ is a low frequency hydrosonic system. It produces low volume, low frequency audio signals transmitted through the vessel surfaces to be protected. This hydrosonic frequency will, in turn, make the settling/attachment surface or environment undesirable for organisms such as barnacles and mussels that would typically attach to the surface or structure. The low frequency hydrosonic system does not kill the fouling or any food sources. Not only does it deter fouling, but it also does not harm marine life. In conjunction with the NOXX HYD™ system, the MARELCO™ Liberator anode tank system will simultaneously eliminate the grasses and any errant hard fouling that may have attached that was not deterred by the low frequency system.

Most importantly, MARELCO™ Sentinel hybrid antifouling system will help your vessel meet environmental standards! Furthermore, due to the low frequency audio signal transmitted, there will only be periodic dosing of copper and aluminum ions, required to combat hard fouling and grasses. 

In fact, what makes this system user friendly and efficient to install is the dual-technology design. Using a single control panel  MARELCO™ Sentinel system is straightforward to manage in all installations.

Furthermore, the MARELCO™ Sentinel hybrid antifouling system will help you meet legislation regarding antifouling systems. If you require a boost to combat biofouling in higher fouling areas, the  MARELCO™ Sentinel is your answer!

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