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“Since the installation of the Hydrosonic Hull Tender on the Pacificat Explorer in December, 1999, checks by divers and ship’s staff indicate no sign of growth of barnacles or mussels on the sea chests and sea water piping.  Prior to the Hydrosonic Hull Tender (now NOXX HYD) installation, the sea chests and piping had to be cleaned approximately every six to eight weeks, hence the NOXX system is saving time and the cost of cleaning the sea water systems.  The system will be installed on the Pacificat Discovery later this year and will also be used on other vessels which have keel coolers and sea chest growth problems.”
R.D. Ogston, Assistant Vice President Technical Operations, BC Ferry Corporation.

“We have used the Hydrosonic Hull Tender system (now NOXX HYD) on our two aluminum Catamaran Passenger Ro-Ro vessels and our Alaska Marine Highway Fast Vehicle Ferries since original construction 12 years ago. The system prevents marine growth from settling in the raw water systems; the piping and sea chest and bow thruster tunnel surfaces within 3′ of a Hydrosonic Transducer have almost no attached barnacles or mussels. The system takes up little space, requires low power, is low maintenance, and is environmentally friendly. We are very satisfied with the overall system performance.”
George Poor, Chief Engineer, Alaska Marine Highway System.

“Installed in 1976. Very pleased with the results. Saved cost, many times, in reducing the number of haul-outs.”
M.D. Victoria, B.C.

“We operate three pilot boats … we are thoroughly satisfied with this system. We attribute the noticeable absence of customary barnacles to the hydrosonic devices …”
Charleston Navigation Co. Inc. Charleston, S.C.

“We installed your hydrosonic system in 1985. No anti-fouling paint has been used and the system has been trouble free … almost no growth and what little there is disappears as soon as we are towed.”
Sprayaway Marine Services Ltd. Burnaby, B.C.

“Installed in 1981, performing admirably! The hull has no barnacles and remains clean.”
Capt. C.W.W., Virginia Beach, VA.

“In comparison with other yachts, in same environment, it was evident that HULL TENDER kept marine growth off the hull. We are pleased with the operation of the system and the savings and security which the system provides.”
C.D.M., North Vancouver, B.C.


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