About Us

EMCS Industries was established in 1955 in the beautiful West Coast town of Victoria, BC, Canada. The Company was originally established under the name Electrolytic Marine Corrosion Services by Frank Chappel and Lauder Ramsay who had invented a revolutionary seawater electrolytic protection technology. The original concept was based on the use of impressed current with Aluminum anodes to control corrosion of seawater piping systems. The product was patented in 1961 and manufactured by Electrolytic Marine Corrosion Services and marketed worldwide for several decades under the trade name 'Cathelco' in North America. The development and improvement of the original system over the years produced a combined anti-corrosion and anti-fouling system

In 1983 the company name was changed to EMCS Industries Ltd and the patented product name was changed to MARELCO™. EMCS owns the MARELCO™ trade mark worldwide and owned the Cathelco™ trade mark for North America until September of 2015 when it was sold. Also in 2015 Environmental and Marine World Class Solutions Corp purchased a majority stake in EMCS Industries Ltd with a view to growing the business into a larger global presence and adding new products to combat corrosion and biofouling in the marine industry. The MARELCO™ system is approved by Lloyds Register, ABS, Canadian Coast Guard, Transport Canada and the US Coast Guard and EMCS and MARELCO™ are represented in 18 countries.

EMCS Industries Ltd now also provides the MARELCO™ Hydrosonic Hull Tender™ System to combat extreme marine fouling in fresh and salt water that accumulates rapidly in sea chests, cross over tanks, box coolers, sea suctions and the internal piping systems in large Cruise Ships, Luxury Yachts and Commercial Shipping vessels. The system also combats fouling that occurs on Offshore Platforms and ocean based wind farms. The MARELCO™ Cathodic Protection system (ICCP) was added to the product line to further boost the scope of products to deal with corrosion. In addition, new innovations to the Electrolytic systems such as special Treatment Tanks, Anode Cages and a fully integrated control system have been introduced to reduce the resources required on board the vessel to run the system efficiently and reduce energy consumption.

After 60 years in business EMCS Industries Ltd supplies the world class MARELCO™ product manufactured by EMCS Industries Ltd in its brand new facility in Sidney, BC, Canada and is sold internationally to our world class customers which comprise of some of the largest Ship Owners and Boat Builders in the industry. The EMCS and MARELCO™ names are well known and trusted in the industry and under the new leadership EMCS Industries Ltd intends to continue to add valuable innovations to eliminate the major biofouling and corrosion problems facing the shipping industry today.

In summary, EMCS Industries provides world class products that solve costly problems for our world class customers. We intend to continue to make a difference to not only our customers, but to the planet itself.