About Us

EMCS Industries Ltd was originally established in 1955 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada under the name Electrolytic Marine Corrosion Services by Lauder Ramsay, Frank Lewis Chappell (technical director) after the invention of the first Marine Growth Protection System (MGPS) in 1950, which was ultimately named “Cathelco”.

The first system of this type was installed in the S.S. Princess Kathleen of the Canadian Pacific Coast Services in 1950 under the protection of patents granted to F. Lewis Chappell. This installation was made on a “no cure – no pay” basis for a period of one year. Within nine months it was considered beneficial to the operation of the vessel, resulting in three additional C.P.R. coast steamships being fitted with the system in 1951-52.

Frank Lewis Chappell filed a patent application for the MGPS invention on March 3, 1958 and was granted that patent for the United States and Canada in November 28, 1961. The product was manufactured by Electrolytic Marine Corrosion Services in Victoria and marketed worldwide for several decades, both direct in North America, and through its UK agent, under the original brand name “Cathelco”.

The original concept was based on the use of impressed current with aluminum sacrificial anodes to control corrosion of seawater piping systems. The system was found to be effective against scale formation as well. Now anodes using copper, other metals and various alloys are also used.

In 1983 the company changed the name of the product to Marelco™, and in 1989 the company name was changed to EMCS Industries Ltd. The original MGPS Product invented and patented by Electrolytic Marine Corrosion Services (EMCS) back in 1955 and 1961 respectively is now sold globally under the name MARELCO™. Development and improvement of the original system over the years produced a combined anti-corrosion and anti-fouling system that is Lloyds and ABS approved.

Marelco™ is a patented impressed current system employing Marelco design system specially alloyed anodes. Marelco™ eliminates marine growth infestation and reduces corrosion in saltwater cooling systems. Marelco provides continuous protection, demands minimum maintenance, and is easily applied to new or existing installations.

After 60 successful years, all product continues to be manufactured out Victoria, BC, Canada. The MARELCO™ brand is now more than just MGPS, it also uses other innovations such as Hydrosound to combat extreme marine fouling and corrosion that accumulates rapidly in sea chests, crossover tanks, box coolers, sea suctions and the internal piping systems in large cruise ships, luxury yachts and commercial shipping vessels.

New MARELCO™ products to combat corrosion and biofouling have now been added including impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) for ship hull corrosion protection, Hydrosonic anti-fouling systems, scrubbers, and sacrificial anodes made from various alloys.

Most recently EMCS has expanded its market penetration into sacrificial anodes for all applications. The Marelco Sacrificial Anode offering includes anodes made of aluminum, zinc, magnesium and silver. There uses span from Harbours and Jetties to trim tab anodes, bracelet anodes, offset anodes, galvanic anodes, bracelet anodes, pencil anodes and all engine anodes and hull anodes.

The MARELCO™ systems are Lloyds stamped and approved by other maritime standards such as ABS, Canadian Coast Guard, Transport Canada, CSA, UL and the US Coast Guard. EMCS and MARELCO™ are represented worldwide.

In summary, EMCS Industries provides world class products that solve costly problems for our world class customers. We intend to continue to make a difference to not only our customers, but to the planet itself.