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EMCS Industries Ltd. is proud to offer a low-frequency non-polluting antifouling solution. NOXX HYD™ works on a variety of applications and vessels, from ocean-going freighters to the largest cruise ship. Similarly, structures in the marine environment that can be difficult to protect by conventional means may also benefit from this system.

NOXX HYD™ is not an ultrasonic MGPS.

The NOXX HYD™ non-polluting antifouling system is a low frequency hydrosonic system, comprising one or more control panels and junction boxes with terminal strips, and emitters. Control panels fit into a convenient location inboard side on the area to be protected. Once placed in the correct location, the emitters operate on 120 or 220v AC, as well as 12 or 24 volts DC, with minimal energy consumption. 

The NOXX HYD™ emitters work by producing a low volume, low frequency audio signal transmitted through the vessel surfaces that need to be protected. This frequency will, in turn, make the settling/attachment surface or environment undesirable for organisms such as barnacles and mussels that would typically attach to the surface or structure. It does not protect against or remove soft fouling (e.g., grass, algae, seaweed). 

The areas to be protected need to be thoroughly cleaned prior to installation AND prior to initiating the system. The equipment can operate continuously to provide ongoing protection. There is no need to bring the vessel out of the water to install the equipment.

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