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Seawater has many practical industrial applications via the use of saltwater piping.

These applications include cooling, oil field water injection, offshore oil and gas platforms. Power plants and industrial facilities located along the coastline also use seawater in their day-to-day operations. Similarly, shipyards use seawater in their firefighting systems in shipbuilding and benefit from seawater’s practical application.

However, these applications are not immune to the effects of biofouling. And as a result, biofouling may create a blockage of the sea suction, sea fire suction, seawater piping systems, and heat exchangers, to name a few—all leading to the potential to shut down critical systems.

Managing marine fouling with minimal maintenance and a high degree of reliability is of the utmost importance when considering antifouling solutions in seawater system design.

MARELCO™ world-class suite of turnkey antifouling solutions offers a custom-designed solution built for new or existing systems either on a vessel or as part of a saltwater piping system.

Saltwater piping

The Proof!

Take a look at the below strainer in a saltwater piping system before and after. The results speak for themselves. The strainer is full of fouling without the use of our frequency-based antifouling system and the photo on the right is the strainer after it had been protected from marine fouling.

Saltwater Piping
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