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We are honoured to support the Canadian Coast Guard.

Our suite of MARELCO™ antifouling and anticorrosion products offers an outstanding product and world-class service.

The Canadian Coast Guard is the lead federal agency responsible for ensuring marine safety throughout Canadian waters. These outstanding individuals and their fleet of vessels engage with maritime search and rescue, marine communications, marine pollution response, and navigation of transportation in Canadian waters. Supporting Canada’s ocean economy the Canadian Coast Guard enables the safe and efficient flow of $251B in marine trade yearly and handling more than 342M tonnes of critical goods through Canadian waters annually.

Therefore, the Coast Guard relies on a trusted vessel! Even the best-built crafts cannot stay afloat for very long without proper service and maintenance. The Canadian Coast Guard has chosen MARELCO™ world-class suite of turnkey antifouling solutions as their Marine Growth and Protection System.  MARELCO™ efficiently lengthens the time between service intervals and keeps their vessels free from fouling. Furthermore,  MARELCO™ MGPS extends its life in the fleet and increases its speed and fuel efficiency while decreasing emissions and maintenance costs.

Canadian Coast Guard
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