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Offshore wind power is the placement of wind farms in bodies of water, usually in the ocean. Their purpose is to harvest wind energy to generate electricity. Professionals predict that Offshore Wind Power will build into a 1 Trillion Dollar Industry over the next 20 years. The industry will deliver enormous amounts of clean, renewable energy to fulfill many communities’ electrical needs worldwide.

With this exposure to seawater, the buildup of marine plant and animal organisms such as barnacles and mussels is a considerable challenge to this emerging industry. Biofouling results in sea life blockage of the sea suction, seawater piping, fire suction, and heat exchangers. 

Consequently, piping systems, ladders, and other components of offshore wind farm structures exposed to seawater are subject to biofouling and corrosion pressures. And as a result, it will shut down critical systems.

Biofouling poses a significant problem for offshore wind power and their supporting marine industry partners and contributes to the Blue Economy. Cost of operations, infrastructure, and the maintenance of vessels are some issues—considerations for fish health, biosecurity, and damage to the aquaculture environment. Biofouling is a critical challenge to ensure healthy waterways and a flourishing economy.

As a result, our MARELCO™ world-class suite of turnkey antifouling and corrosion solutions offers custom-designed solutions for every vessel, structure, and ladder.


Offshore Wind Power
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