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Antifouling and Anticorrosion Products 

In 1955 our founders invented the world’s first electrolytic marine growth protection system. We were formerly known as the “Cathelco’ electronic MGPS. Today MARELCO™ by EMCS Industries Ltd. continues to pioneer solutions in antifouling and anticorrosion that reduce costs, improve performance and protect the marine environment.

As specialists in our field, our experienced technicians understand the challenges you face in different marine environments, tailoring products and solutions to meet your needs. Therefore, we can provide responsive, proactive, reliable, and ongoing seamless support and technical advice.

We offer a variety of antifouling and anticorrosion products, inclusive of Electrolytic Anodes, Low-Frequency Nonpolluting Antifouling Solution, ICCP Cathodic Hull Protection, as well as Sacrificial Anodes.

Further information may be found below or click on the images to the right and download one of our product brochures or our Company Deck.

marine growth and protection system anodes


The MARELCO™ Marine Growth & Corrosion Control System (MGPS) was invented by EMCS Industries Ltd. in 1955, using impressed current electrolytic anode technology; the MARELCO™ system prevents marine growth and corrosion in ships industrial seawater systems.

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection


The ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection) System will give adequate corrosion protection to the hull of a ship over the vessel’s life in conjunction with a compatible protective coating system.


As part of our turnkey solution for anticorrosion and antifouling requirements, we can protect your hull, standoff tanks, ballast water applications, harbours and ferry terminals, and many more applications. We can provide all sizes in all alloys, bolt on or weld on for any application.


Avoid manual monitoring by adding the MARELCO™ Seafarer Software to your antifouling solution. This innovative software automatically manages your anodes for a maximum life span. It records all data for each anode for ease of reference. It works with our products in the MARELCO™ suite of solutions.

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