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Marine Growth and Protection System (MGPS)

Biofouling and corrosion are significant challenges faced by the shipping industry, leisure craft, and offshore installations, causing widespread damage, leading to the shutdown of critical systems, vessel drag, and decreased fuel efficiency, leading to higher emissions and significant maintenance costs. Therefore, vessels must have a dependable Marine Growth and Protection System in place.

MARELCO™ Marine Growth and Corrosion Protection System (MGPS), is a suite of antifouling solutions that reduce maintenance and help you achieve significant cost savings and improve marine assets’ operational and environmental performance.

See below for the MARELCO™ suite of solutions.

marine growth and protection system

MARELCO™ Liberator Tank System (MGPS)

The MARELCO™ Liberator Tank is part of our Marine Growth and Protection Solutions that help prevents marine growth and corrosion of internal systems exposed to seawater intake. The MARELCO™ Liberator works in the same way as sea chest anodes. However, anode placement is via an above deck tank and may be used for various applications. This unique, easily accessible system allows you to avoid dry dock all together to replenish your anodes. Works for any size sea chest, crossovers, pipes, strainers, etc. in your saltwater piping on the vessel.

marine growth and protection system anodes

MARELCO™Guardian – Sea chest Anodes

MARELCO™ Guardian – is an electrolytic Marine Growth and Protection System (MGPS) also providing corrosion control for internal systems exposed to seawater intake. MARELCO™ standard anodes construction is made from 99.9% pure extruded copper, aluminum, or iron, formed to any configuration allowing flexibility in positioning and arranging anode locations. All Anodes are made in our manufacturing facility in Victoria, British Columbia. Various anode stud diameters are used to meet any standard. The safety caps are hydraulically tested to 100 psi and approved by Lloyds, C.S.I., and the American Bureau of Shipping.

Marine Growth and Protection System Anode Cage

MARELCO™ Deep – Anode Cages

MARELCO™ Deep  anode cages are custom designed and built for new or existing systems, used on offshore rigs, seawater intake pipes, and industrial power plants. The Anode Cage aims to protect submersible pumps or intake pipes from marine fouling and corrosion. The MARELCO™ Deep design screens the water to prevent large sea particles from entering the pumps or intake pipes. The cage housing protects the anodes from the exposed sea.

Marine Growth and Protection System Anode Cage

MARELCO™ Sentinel

MARELCO™ Sentinel combines MARELCO™ Liberator and our hydrosonic nonpolluting antifouling solution to optimize performance and reduce downtime. The MARELCO™ Sentinel is the best of both worlds in antifouling systems. A hybrid of the NOXX HYD™ frequency based system and the MARELCO™ Liberator anode tank. 



The MARELCO™ Constant Current Control Panel is the cornerstone of the MARELCO™ antifouling solutions by EMCS Industries Ltd. Used in our  MARELCO™ Guardian and MARELCO™ Liberator antifouling systems. This high quality steel cabinet is dust and splash-proof and boasts exterior corrosion and oil stain resistance. The unit houses a solid state circuitry panel while using heavy duty components to ensure longevity and reliability. At EMCS, we endeavor to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations, with each panel built to the required specification.

MARELCO™ Piping Protection System

The MARELCO™ Pipe Protection System is part of the suite of antifouling solutions that reduce maintenance, achieve significant cost savings, and improves your marine assets’ operational and environmental performance.

The Pipe Protection System comprises impressed current anodes and a high-quality steel cabinet that is both dust and splash proof. It boasts the additional benefits of exterior corrosion and oil stain resistance.

MARELCO™ Seafarer Antifouling Monitoring Software

MARELCO™ Seafarer Antifouling Monitoring Software consists of two parts; the MARELCO™ Seafarer Software application and the new MARELCO™ Liberator Control Panel. Sold together, they provide the most comprehensive antifouling management system available today. Gone are the days of regular manual intervention on board the vessel—the MARELCO™ Seafarer Antifouling Monitoring Software self-management and the diagnostic system will ensure your antifouling system’s maximum efficiency.

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