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EMCS Industries Ltd has been providing antifouling and anti-corrosion systems for the past 64 years. With every installation of our products we also offer surveys, repairs and upgrades. Our technicians have combined experience of over 120 years to survey and report on the health of your Impressed Current Corrosion Protection (ICCP), Marine Growth Protection System (MGPS), and all electrical components running these systems. We also have NACE certified corrosion engineers to tackle the more complicated jobs. Whether your vessel has our solutions installed or not, all inspections result in detailed reports. We not only provide our findings, but we also offer recommended actions to ensure the vessel is never in any danger of corroding or being beset by marine fouling.


Impressed Current Corrosion Protection (ICCP) System Surveys

The salt waters of the world’s oceans contribute to the corrosion of the steel hulls of marine vessels. ICCP systems are used to protect the vessel from experiencing these harsh effects and ensure its smooth sailing.


Antifouling System Surveys

As the inventor of the MGPS, EMCS Industries excels at providing comprehensive feedback regarding the complete removal of marine growth on all types of vessels. Whether your vessel needs a full MGPS replacement or just a repair, we ensure that ships operate without any issues.


ICCP and MGPS Electrical System Surveys

We provide inspections of electronic MGPS and ICCP control panels. As technology changes at a rapid pace, and many of those panels are outdated, it is important to ensure that they remain in compliance with code and regulations.

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