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ASL Marine Holdings Ltd Purchases Marelco NOXX™ LFP Antifouling Solution For Pollution Response Vessels.

ASL Marine Holdings Ltd purchases Marelco NOXX™ LFP antifouling solution for pollution response vessels.

Published on December 23, 2017

In September 2017, Burnaby BC (Canada) based Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC) awarded a construction contract to ASL Shipyards, Singapore, for three of Robert Allan Ltd.’ s BRAvo 2500 Pollution Response Vessels designed to protect Canada’ s West Coast. And now another Canadian company, EMCS Industries, has been awarded the job of supplying the Marelco™ NOXX™ [pat.pending] LFP (originally known as the Hydrosonic Hull Tender) Anti Fouling solution.

Commissioned by Western Canada Marine Response Corporation

As a Transport Canada certified Response Organization, Western Canada Marine Response Corporation’ s mandate is to ensure there is a state of preparedness in place and to mitigate the impact when an oil spill occurs. This includes the protection of wildlife, economic and environmental sensitivities, and the safety of both the responders and the public.

This project builds upon a strong relationship between WCMRC and Robert Allan Ltd., which included providing guidance to assess recently built spill response skimming vessels and providing technical assistance to bring these into Canadian registry.

Recently, this also included providing market studies evaluating available existing vessels, which could be converted for spill response duties , and the design of two large spill response barges, for which the construction contracts are expected to be awarded later this year.

NOXX™ LFP Antifouling supplied by EMCS Industries Ltd.

EMCS Industries Ltd is pleased to announce the selection of the NOXX™ LFP Antifouling system by ASL Marine Holdings Ltd in Singapore on behalf of Western Canada Marine Response Corporation as the solution to keep the new BRAvo 2500 Pollution Response Vessels free of marine fouling during operation.

ASL Marine Holdings Ltd is listed on Singapore Stock Exchange and has over the years grown into one of the region’s key players in the marine services sector. ASL Marine Holdings Ltd. is a vertically-integrated marine services group principally engaged in shipbuilding, ship repair and convers ion , ship chartering, engineering and other marine related services, catering to customers mainly from Asia Pacific, South Asia, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

EMCS Industries Ltd is proud to offer the Marelco™ NOXX™ [pat.pending] LFP (originally known as the Hydrosonic Hull Tender) Anti Fouling solution that will work from the smallest recreational vessel to the largest cruise ship. The concept was originally devised by Hull Tender International Inc. in 1974.

In 2016 EMCS Industries Ltd purchased Hull Tender International Inc and continues to sell this hugely successful system, with a number of significant improvements , under its new Patent Pending brand; NOXX™ LFP Antifouling. EMCS manufactures from start to finish and plans to continue adding improvements including fully integrated software to monitor the system from a central location or online .

The NOXX™ LFP Antifouling system works regardless of the material used in the Hull or inboard applications. The NOXX™ LFP (Low Frequency Pulse) Anti Fouling system uses extremely low power, adds very little weight to the vessel and is a tried and tested solution in fresh and salt water since 1974.

ASL will take delivery of the NOXX™ LFP Antifouling systems in early 2018.

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