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Seachest Anodes

MARELCO™ Guardian

In 1955 our founders invented the world’s FIRST and arguably the most common electrolytic marine growth protection system used by the marine industry worldwide. The MARELCO™ Guardian uses impressed current anodes and a control panel to create an electrolytic marine growth protection system. Copper marine growth (MG) and aluminium trap corrosion (TC) anodes are located in the seawater system or the pipes themselves. A control panel sets the anode amperages for the desired dosage and time, and indicates the usage and expiration of the anodes.  Depending on the piping system’s composition, the inclusion of an iron anode may increase effectiveness. The MARELCO™ Guardian system can be used with all pipe types, including PVC.

How Does It Work?

The copper MG anodes release ions in small concentrations during electrolysis that are carried by the sea water into the exposed areas of the vessel. The aluminium hydroxide released by the aluminium TC anode acts as a flocculant to the copper ions. This creates an environment that results in nutrient sources passing through the system rather than building up on surfaces and attracting barnacles and other macrofouling organisms. The system will only give protection if no untreated water is allowed to enter at some point after the anodes.

Anodes are replaced every few years as they are used up; this can be done by divers or more commonly during a scheduled dry dock.  It is difficult to generalize on the cost efficiencies, but the MARELCO™ Guardian system provides a cost-effective method of antifouling protection and controlling the effects of corrosion. This reduces operating and out-of-service costs and extends the life of a vessel. Taking into consideration out of service time, annual savings are normally sufficient to cover the capital cost of the system in two years or less.

A customized electrolytic marine growth protection system can be added at any time during a vessel’s life and is primarily self-managed. 


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