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Remove the Need for A Drydock!

MARELCO™ can eliminate your drydock altogether!

If you are the owner of a fleet of vessels, you are fully aware of the need for your vessel to undergo one or two scheduled drydocks every five years, depending on the vessel’s age. The drydocks are a maintenance requirement and therefore unavoidable. However, can be an expensive endeavor. Therefore any way of reducing the costs associated and the possibility of an extended drydock period is something everyone is looking to achieve. However, it is no easy task, with ship owners and personnel starting the planning process years before the scheduled date.

The organization of a drydock is a detailed process. From scheduling the vessel to be out of service, securing a suitable drydock location, which is not always ideal, arranging parts, scheduling maintenance, and ensuring trained onshore staff is available to make it all happen.

The good news for owners is that all major classification societies have initiated a particular program called the “Extended Dry-Docking” or EDD scheme. Thus, giving some flexibility to meeting class approval. However, vessel maintenance is still primarily driven by the vessel’s ability to safely operate in a highly corrosive environment like the ocean.

The extended drydocking program allows ships to extend their drydock from 5 to 7.5 years, meaning that vessels under this particular program get a maximum drydock interval of 7.5 years by way of in-water surveys.

There are many guidelines and requirements to be eligible for the EDD program. You may look into this further with your classification society. Unfortunately, not all vessels are eligible for the program, but all vessel owners are looking for ways to extend vessel life and decrease maintenance in both cost and time.

Your Antifouling Solution!

The MARELCO™ Liberator antifouling and anticorrosion system play a huge role. In fact, the MARELCO™ Liberator system does not require a drydock for maintenance at all! This is very unusual! Most antifouling and anticorrosion systems are maintained ONLY during a drydock.  

The MARELCO™ Liberator adopts the exact science of electrolytic anodes most commonly mounted in the sea chest during drydock. Except now! With this highly innovative technology, anodes are swapped out from an above deck location. This unique, easily accessible system allows you to avoid drydock all together to replenish your anodes. It all can be done above deck while the vessel is still in service. The Liberator works for any size sea chest, crossovers, saltwater piping system, strainers, etc.

Are you ready for innovative antifouling and anticorrosion solutions? Are you ready to never need to require a drydock for your antifouling ever again?

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