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Antifouling + Anticorrosion

We were founded in 1955, based on the invention of the world’s first electrolytic marine growth prevention system.  Today, we offer a suite of turnkey biofouling and corrosion solutions for various applications.

In 2022 EMCS agreed to become the single point of contact for North America (the US and Canada) for Evac’s Cathelco parts and services.

EMCS Industries and Cathelco have a shared history and aligned values that began in Canada 67 years ago. This partnership will further enhance the turnkey service our customers are accustomed to, significantly improve EMCS’s product and service offering, and offer you an unparalleled wealth of experience in antifouling + anticorrosion systems.

Today we continue to build the MARELCO™ name as an industry leader worldwide in antifouling + anticorrosion systems and pioneer solutions that reduce costs and improve marine assets’ operational and environmental performance.  All our products come with a lifetime warranty and a guaranteed outcome, provided all supervision, inspection, and commissioning is undertaken by an approved EMCS Industries technician.

Our experienced technicians understand your challenges in different marine environments and the need for dependable antifouling + anticorrosion systems. Therefore, we continually tailor solutions to your needs. In addition, we provide responsive, proactive, reliable, ongoing seamless support and technical advice.

MARELCO™ Antifouling + Anticorrosion  Solutions

At EMCS Industries Ltd., we are passionate about supporting our customers with time-tested and sustainable antifouling solutions that work! Our products minimize intervention between drydocks, and we pride ourselves on our world-class customer service.

The MARELCO™ marine growth protection system is a suite of solutions that reduces maintenance, achieves significant cost savings, and improves marine assets’ operational and environmental performance.

Learn more about MARELCO™ Antifouling + Anticorrosion  Solutions


Cathelco Marine Growth Prevention System

Cathelco marine growth prevention systems (MGPSs) for seawater pipework are easy and economical to install and can be found on ships worldwide. Designed to eliminate blockages caused by barnacle and mussel growth in seawater cooling lines, the systems are available for vessels of every size. Without antifouling protection, pipes can become encrusted with organisms, leading to a blockage that reduces the efficiency of the seawater cooling system.

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Impressed Current Cathodic Protection

ICCP System provides adequate corrosion protection to a ship’s hull over the vessel’s life in conjunction with a compatible protective coating system.

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