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MARELCO™ Libertaor

MARELCO™ Liberator is revolutionary! 

The above deck version of the MARELCO™ Guardian prevents marine growth and corrosion of internal systems, including scrubber systems, exposed to seawater intake in the same way as sea chest anodes. The system works on the vessel for any size sea chest, crossovers, pipes, strainers, and so forth.

Since the MARELCO™ Liberator system eliminates the need to place the anodes inside the sea chest, anodes can be fully accessed and managed by the crew above the deck or while the vessel is in service. No dry dock is required. This system will also enable you to standardize the anode size across the fleet, regardless of the different sizes of sea chests.

A pump pulls the seawater from the sea chest into the treatment tank of the MARELCO™ Liberator. While seawater is in the tank, it is treated through copper and aluminum ions from the anodes in the tank. The treated water is then pumped into the internal piping system. The MARELCO™ Liberator is a turnkey solution for marine growth and corrosion prevention. It includes a control panel, tank, two pumps, copper marine growth (MG), and aluminum trap corrosion (TC) anodes. The cost savings of this system are significant.

MARELCO™ Liberator

The MARELCO™ Liberator’s tank offers an alternative use for land based seawater piping protection such as geothermal heating, desalination plants, hydro facilities, and other saltwater applications. It can also protect chiller systems (HVAC) prone to fouling issues that are critical to avoid. Save expensive maintenance costs and increase the life of your piping, pumps, and other vulnerable equipment exposed to saltwater.

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