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NOXX HYD™ was the original “Hydrosonic Hull Tender” developed by Derek Knox of Hull Tender International Inc. Want to know more 

check out the NOXX HYD™ Developer Interview.

NOXX HYD™ was the original “Hydrosonic Hull Tender” developed by Derek Knox of Hull Tender International Inc.

The journey of NOXX HYD™ began in the 1970s when the original developer, Derek, needed to register the 34-foot ketch-rigged sailboat that had just completed construction. While registering the boat, Derek had an insightful conversation with the government official processing the registration. Having been involved with submarines previously, the gentleman told Derek that it had appeared to him that sonar had kept areas of the submarine in the vicinity of the sonar and other transducers clear of marine growth. Consequently, he then went onto introduce Derek to the Barnacle Bill. A very early low-frequency antifouling system with two transducers.

And this was the inspiration of the Hydrosonic Hull Tender. Derek wanted to protect his boat from marine fouling without harming the environment. 

Acquiring Hull Tender International Inc. in 2016, EMCS Industries Ltd has been excited by this technology and its results and its potential as part of our MARELCO™ Sentinel hybrid antifouling solution

NOXX HYD™ Developer Derek Knoxx and the founder of Hull Tender International Inc. remains involved with EMCS Industries Ltd on system design and technical input today and answers your questions as part of our NOXX HYD™ Developer Interview.

For more answers to your questions, please see our FAQs page

NOXX - What is the origin

What sparked the invention?

NOXX - What sparked the invention

What was the origin of the invention?

NOXX - What circumstances Led

What led to the first commercial system?

NOXX - How different from ultrasound

How is the system different to Ultrasound?

NOXX - Why does the sale of the invention

Why is the system such a good fit with EMCS?

NOXX - Why was EMCS a natural fit

Why was EMCS a good fit to enhance and manufacture NOXX HYD?

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