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MARELCO™ Antifouling + Anticorrosion

Biofouling and corrosion are significant challenges faced by the shipping industry, leisure craft, and offshore installations, causing widespread damage, leading to the shutdown of critical systems, vessel drag, and decreased fuel efficiency, leading to higher emissions and significant maintenance costs. Therefore, vessels must have a dependable Marine Growth Protection System in place.

MARELCO™ Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS) is a suite of antifouling solutions that reduce maintenance, help you achieve significant cost savings, and improve marine assets’ operational and environmental performance.

See below for the MARELCO™ suite of solutions.

MARELCO™ Guardian 

MARELCO™ Guardian – (known initially as Cathelco) is the world’s FIRST and arguably the most common electrolytic marine growth and corrosion protection system used by the marine industry worldwide. The Guardian uses impressed current anodes and a control panel to create an electrolytic marine growth and corrosion protection system. Copper marine growth (MG) and aluminum trap corrosion (TC) anodes are located in the seawater system or the pipes. A control panel sets the anode amperages for the desired dosage and time. Depending on the piping system’s composition, the inclusion of an iron anode may increase effectiveness. The MARELCO™ Guardian system can be used with all pipe types, including an electrolytic Marine Growth and Protection System (MGPS) also provides corrosion control for internal systems exposed to seawater intake. All Anodes are made in our manufacturing facility in Victoria, British Columbia. 

MARELCO™ Liberator 

The MARELCO™ Liberator is a game-changer for customers facing marine fouling problems. Rather than in the sea chest itself, anodes are installed above deck in a fully accessible tank but provide the same protection against fouling and corrosion. The tank is small enough to be located anywhere space is available. The above-deck accessibility means that NO DRY DOCK is required to change out depleted anodes, significantly extending dry dock intervals. The Liberator is designed for various applications, including the protection of sea chests, scrubber systems, box coolers, piping systems, and even land-based applications like desalination plants. It can provide fleet standardization when it comes to anode size.


MARELCO™ Deep is a custom-designed cage with copper and aluminum anodes. Designed for both new and existing systems and used for various applications. The innovative cage design protects submersible pumps and intake pipes from blockage due to marine fouling. The system can also be configured to prevent corrosion. The treated water will also partially treat any internal piping system beyond the intake. These are most commonly used on offshore platforms, desalination plants, geothermal heating systems using salt water, and hydroelectric plants with saltwater intakes.

MARELCO™ Liberator+

MARELCO™ Liberator+ –    A hybrid antifouling system comprising two unique technologies: a low-frequency hydrosonic antifouling system and the MARELCO™ Liberator anode tank. The hydrosonic system produces low-volume, low-frequency audio signals transmitted through the vessel surfaces. The low frequency makes the settling/attachment surface or environment undesirable for barnacles and mussels. Thus, this technology does not kill fouling but deters it and does not harm marine life. If you require a boost to combat biofouling in higher fouling areas, the MARELCO™ Liberator+ is your answer!

Control Panel


The MARELCO™ Constant Current Control Panel is the cornerstone of the MARELCO™ antifouling solutions by EMCS Industries Ltd. The control panel is used in our MARELCO™ Guardian and MARELCO™ Liberator antifouling systems. This high-quality steel cabinet is dust and splash-proof, boasts an exterior that is corrosion and oil-stain-resistant and houses a solid-state circuitry panel. The control panel is a fully automatic unit that utilizes power from the onboard service supply. Once installed, the control panel requires minimum supervision and maintenance.

Piping Protection

MARELCO™ Piping Protection System

The MARELCO™ Pipe Protection System is part of the suite of antifouling solutions that reduce maintenance, achieve significant cost savings, and improve your marine assets’ operational and environmental performance.

The Pipe Protection System comprises impressed current anodes and a high-quality steel cabinet that is dust and splash-proof. It boasts the additional benefits of exterior corrosion and oil stain resistance.

Antifouling Monitoring Software

MARELCO™ Seafarer Antifouling Monitoring Software

MARELCO™ Seafarer Antifouling Monitoring Software consists of two parts; the MARELCO™ Seafarer Software application and the MARELCO™ Liberator Control Panel. Sold together, they provide the most comprehensive antifouling management system available today. Gone are the days of regular manual intervention on board the vessel—the MARELCO™ Seafarer Antifouling Monitoring Software self-management and diagnostic system will ensure your antifouling system’s maximum efficiency.

Sacrificial Anode


As part of our turnkey solution for anticorrosion and antifouling requirements, we can protect your hull, standoff tanks, ballast water applications, harbors and ferry terminals, and many more. We can provide all sizes in all alloys, bolt-on or weld-on, for any application.

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