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NOXX HYD™ Commercial Application



This video will explain the simple science behind this eco-friendly solution to the complex and expensive problems facing large commercial vessels due to biofouling. The NOXX HYD™ antifouling solution deters hard fouling such as barnacles and mussels found in and on sea chests, intake grates, pipes, strainers, fire suctions, crossovers and scrubber systems found on almost all commercial applications. The system does not eliminate soft fouling such as algae and grasses. The NOXX HYD™ antifouling solution can be used as a stand-alone antifouling solution or as part of our hybrid antifouling system, the MARELCO™ Sentinel.

NOXX HYD™ is not an ultrasonic MGPS. It is a low frequency system that does not use or rely on cavitation to deter hard fouling organisms or kill their food source. No cavitation also means no damage to the steel surface being protected or to the environment. The system is made up of one or more control panels and junction boxes with terminal strips, and a set of emitters that are supplied with 120 or 220 volts AC as well as 12 or 24 volts DC. The output is 12 volts DC  with minimal energy consumption. Each emitter draws 0.1 amps at 12 volts DC during operation. The system can be installed while the vessel is in the water, however the areas to be protected need to be thoroughly cleaned prior to use. Drawing so few amps means running the system will contribute to the efficiency of your vessel and to savings in energy and cleaning.

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