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The MARELCO™ Constant Current Control Panel is the cornerstone of the MARELCO™ antifouling solutions by EMCS Industries Ltd. It is used in both our  MARELCO™ Guardian and MARELCO™ Liberator antifouling systems. The high quality steel cabinet is both dust and splash proof and boasts an exterior that is corrosion and oil stain resistant.  The unit houses a solid state circuitry panel while using heavy duty components to ensure longevity and reliability. At EMCS we endeavor to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, with each panel built to the required specification.

The MARELCO™ Constant Current Control Panel is a fully automatic unit that utilizes power from the onboard service supply and requires minimum supervision and maintenance once installed. The design includes an individually printed circuit card that will regulate the current to the anode. At the same time, the panel will automatically adjust to compensate for variations in salinity levels and water temperature once the current rate has been specified and set by the user.

The MARELCO™ Control Panel meets the highest standards in the industry. The steel cabinet enclosure has an International Protection Rating IP66.  The anode cards, meter cards, and backplanes are built to ULC standards.  We also ensure that all the wiring has met the CSA standards.

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