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Pipe System

The MARELCO™ Pipe Protection System is part of the suite of antifouling solutions that reduce maintenance, achieve significant cost-savings, and improve your marine assets’ operational and environmental performance.

The Pipe Protection System is comprised of impressed current anodes and a high-quality steel cabinet that is both dust and splash proof. It boasts the additional benefits of exterior corrosion and oil stain resistance.

The fully automatic control panel component of the Pipe Protection System utilizes power from the onboard service supply. It requires minimum supervision and maintenance. Once installed, the control panel sets the anode amperages for the desired dosage and time. The panel will then automatically adjust to compensate for variations, including salinity levels and water temperature. It will furthermore indicate the usage and expiration of the anodes.

MARELCO™ is an electrolytic antifouling system that dissolves copper, aluminum, and/or iron anodes, slowly releasing small quantities of ions into the seawater system. MARELCO™ prevents the settlement of organisms and the development of biofouling. Without this technology, biofouling can result in sea life blockage of the sea suction, sea chests, fire suction, cross over tanks, seawater piping systems, box coolers, heat exchangers, etc. Biofouling buildup and corrosion impair the integrity of internal seawater systems and can potentially shut down critical systems. Vessels will also experience reduced flow rates and accelerated corrosion, leading to overheating and reducing the vessel speed.

The MARELCO™ system will protect your vessel’s internal seawater pipe systems, save expensive maintenance, and increase the vessel’s life. 

Pipe Anode System
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