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MARELCO™ DEEP – Anode Cage

Biofouling and corrosion are a significant challenge to the shipping industry, luxury leisure craft, and offshore installations. Therefore, causing widespread damage, the shutdown of critical systems, vessel drag, decreased fuel efficiency, higher emissions, and significant maintenance costs. The MARELCO™ Deep -Anode Cage is a custom-designed cage built for new or existing systems and used for various applications. These include offshore rigs, seawater intake pipes, and industrial power plants, to name a few. The cage design protects submersible pumps or intake pipes from marine fouling and corrosion.

This innovative system prevents the ship’s intake from the ocean from becoming plugged with marine life. And creating sea life blockage of the sea suction, sea chests, fire suction, cross over tanks, seawater piping systems, box coolers, heat exchangers, etc., potentially shutting down critical systems. Additionally, the cage protects the entire system from corrosion due to saltwater exposure. 

MARELCO™ Deep works by using an electrolytic marine growth system that includes a control panel to impress DC current through antifouling anodes in the specially designed anode cage. An electrolytic antifouling system dissolves copper, aluminum, and/or iron anodes in the seawater system. The anode dissolution prevents the settlement of organisms and the development of biofouling. 

The cage mounts at the pipes’ intake and guards the opening to the intake pipe from biofouling. Thus, improving the pumps’ efficiency and protecting the pipes and pumps from fouling and corrosion.

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