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We have been in business since 1955 pioneering Electrolytic Marine Solutions for Anti Fouling in the Marine Industry and also invented the first frequency based antifouling solution in 1974. Our breadth of experience and capability means that EMCS is well placed to exploit future opportunities in domestic and international markets.


Biofouling is arguably the major challenge faced by the shipping industry and leisure vessels. It is best described as the accumulation of barnacles, mussels, bacteria, algae and other crustaceans on wet surfaces of the Vessel. Biofouling results in sea life blockage of the sea suction, sea chests, fire suction, cross over tanks, sea water piping systems, box coolers, heat exchangers and growth on the exterior of the Hull itself.Biofouling can shut down critical systems on large ships and luxury boats such as Engine Cooling and HVAC systems that depend on the intake of sea water to function. Biofouling is also responsible for decreasing the speed of the ship due to the drag created by the sea life on the hull and speeding up corrosion. This dramatically decreases fuel efficiency, increases emissions and results in high maintenance costs.


The hulls of large ships are built of steel and steel or metal underwater are subject to corrosion. In order for this to take place the steel needs to be exposed to oxygen, water is a supply of oxygen. Corrosion is also caused by an electrical exchange, especially between metals of different types. Metals are comprised of atoms and since atoms have electrons, metal contains an electrochemical charge.Corrosion occurs whenever two or more dissimilar metals are grounded. Metals can be grounded by physically touching or through a highly conductive solution such as saltwater, freshwater with high mineral content and polluted freshwater. It is therefore very important that all vessels built with steel hulls must be fitted with anti-corrosion systems.


There are three products we offer to effectively deal with Biofouling and Corrosion:

  • The NOXX HYD™ system will prevent marine growth in salt and fresh water.
  • The Marelco Electrolytic Anode System (MGPS) will prevent marine growth and Trap Corrosion in sea water piping systems, sea chests, box coolers, cross over tanks and other internal areas exposed to the intake of sea water,
  • The Marelco ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection) System is designed to combat exterior corrosion on the hull of the vessel.
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