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How it works COMM


This video will explain the simple science behind this eco-friendly solution to the complex and expensive problems facing large commercial vessels due to marine fouling. The NOXX HYD™ anti fouling solution eliminates the fouling found in sea chests, intake grates, pipes, strainers, fire suctions, crossovers and scrubber systems found on almost all commercial vessels. There is no cavitation used to kill the food source (or the larvae) so there is no damage to the environment or to the surface being protected. A large commercial system can run on as little as 24 amps, contributing to your energy savings and never interfering with Whale communication or military frequencies. Click the image on the left to learn how NOXX HYD™ works!

How it works REC


This video discusses how the NOXX HYD™ system can be applied in smaller recreational vessels up to 50 ft (15 meters) in length. When the NOXX HYD™ anti fouling solution is mounted inboard of the vessel it will protect the shaft, rudder, propellers, bow thrusters and stern thrusters of sailing boats from barnacle and mussel settlement. Provided adequate resonance can be obtained through the hull, the system will prevent marine fouling on the hull. NOXX HYD™ does not kill fouling, but rather deters the settlement of the larvae. NOXX is a completely non toxic, eco-friendly system that affords you the opportunity to do your part for the ocean eco system whilst enjoying your time on the water. Click the image on the left to learn how NOXX HYD™ works!

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