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No. In fact, not at all!

The NOXX HYD™ antifouling system was invented and designed to stop marine fouling on vessels WITHOUT causing harm to marine life. The NOXX HYD™ system uses a low frequency pulse to create the ILLUSION of a predatory environment that forces marine life, such as mussels, barnacles, pinworms, and crustacean larvae to avoid the area completely. Low frequency pulses do not harm the food source or marine life larvae. If the larvae do not settle in two weeks, they will die. The larvae therefore are extremely motivated to find a food source, and will leave your vessel to find an alternate place to settle.

In contrast, ultrasound uses cavitation created by a much higher frequency to kill the food source, and invariably the larvae as well. Oysters and coral, for example, all start their life as larvae. In summary, the NOXX HYD™ system does not interfere with the ocean’s natural environment to prevent fouling.


There is no harm caused to any marine life, or the mussels, barnacles and pinworms that the system is deterring. The low frequency pulses simply create the ILLUSION of a predatory environment. Nothing is harmed! The fundamental goal of the NOXX HYD™ system, when it was invented in 1974, was to create an antifouling solution that would co-exist with the ocean ecosystems without interfering or harming the balance.


The NOXX HYD™ low frequency and short sound travel do not deter fish at all, only larvae. So, happy fishing, fishermen!


The NOXX HYD™ system does not remove weeds, grasses, or slime. This is on purpose, the goal of the system was to solve fouling problems without harming any of the ocean ecosystem. Weeds and grasses can easily be spray washed in order to remove them, also the flow rate in the internal piping system will wash most of the grasses away. Since there is now hard fouling present the grasses have very little grip on the surfaces being protected.

Absolutely not, unlike other systems like Ultrasound the NOXX HYD system does not create cavitation. Cavitation causes the cells of the food sources to explode, and also kills the larvae. Studies have shown that cavitation gradually eats away at the steel surfaces being protected. NOXX HYD is completely safe for the environment and will not damage the vessel it protects.

Don’t take our word for it, Google the effects of cavitation on metal.

The NOXX HYD™ system will work from as little as a 12-volt system, 110-volt or 220-volt, however the largest system protecting an entire cruise ship (for example) will draw only 24 amps. The energy savings are unsurpassed.

Each emitter only draws 0.1 amps!


To continue to deter the larvae it is advantageous to have the NOXX HYD™ system protecting your vessel 24 hours a day. A crustacean larvae takes two weeks to become fully attached, therefore it is possible to have the system off for up to a week because the minute the system is turned back on, the week-old larvae will leave the area immediately. This however is not our recommendation.

The NOXX HYD™ works on all materials on all vessels! We match the pedestal to any material, whether it’s aluminium, fiberglass, wood, or steel . . . you name it NOXX protects it!

Yes, but it is not recommended.

The NOXX HYD™ anti fouling system can be installed using basic tools, and following our easy to use manual and video. However to obtain optimum results our trained technicians should, at the very least, supervise the installation. If you have any questions or run into difficulties during the installation, please contact our Technical Support at 250-656-5366.


The emitters are attached to the inboard side of the vessel, and the control panel is placed above-deck or below-deck in the engine room.

Very few vessels still have cored hulls, however it is still possible to use NOXX HYD™ on these older hull designs. The NOXX HYD™ antifouling will work in a cored hull so long as the following two steps are performed: (1) a small 5” diameter section of the inner layer of fiberglass and foam or wood core is removed so that the emitter pedestal can make contact with the outer fiberglass skin of the hull; and (2) the cored area is sealed with resin prior to installing the emitter.

The NOXX HYD™ antifouling emitters are built using the latest digital technology and sealed in a waterproof control unit. All of the fittings, emitters and cabling are built to withstand the harsh marine environment. Most NOXX HYD™ systems have a track record of lasting at least 10 years!


The NOXX HYD™ system is designed to withstand the marine environment and has been designed, developed and assembled using IP68 components and is fully RoHS compliant. The NOXX HYD™ has been in the industrial marine industry since the 70’s and has been proving effective for 10+ years on protection against hard fouling. We confidently and fully guarantee the emitters for 5 years and 1 year on the control panel, from the date of purchase. Should a problem arise, please contact your local dealer or reach us directly at 250-656-5366.

Depending on your hearing ability, you may hear a faint clicking sound at the emitter. The majority of the low level sound is inaudible above any other normal sound produced on a vessel.


One of the greatest qualities outside of its ability to prevent marine fouling is that the NOXX HYD™ requires almost no maintenance! It is 100% solid state and therefore has no moving parts that would need servicing.

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