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The MARELCO™ Treatment Tank System can be custom designed and built for new or existing systems. Typically, the Treatment Tank Systems are used when no sea chest is available to provide anti-fouling or corrosion protection in a Ship or Yacht.

The treatment tank can be used for a variety of applications to pull the seawater from the Seachest or Piping system by means of a pump, run it through the MARELCO™ System and adding the ions to the seawater in the treatment tank, and then pumping the treated seawater back into the Pipes or Seachest. This protects pipes and pumps in the same way without any redesign or retrofit.

The Treatment Tank, as with the other applications, works by using a Control Panel that impresses DC current through antifouling anodes located in the Treatment Tank, this results in very small concentrations of dissolved ions flowing through the piping/cooling system preventing sea life attaching itself to exposed areas.

An electrolytic antifouling system dissolves Copper, Aluminium and/or Iron Anodes in the seawater system. The Anode dissolution prevents settlement of organisms and the development of biofouling. Without the MARELCO™ technology being present blockages to pipes and pumps, fire fighting equipment, reduced flow rates and accelerated corrosion would result. This can lead to loss of Vessel speed and overheating.

The MARELCO™ tank is also used as a Scrubber System that protects all seawater piping used to blast the soot out of the emissions coming from the stack. The Scrubber Tank ensures that no marine growth or corrosion occurs within the Scrubber System and will therefore further protect your Vessel, save expensive maintenance and increase the life of the Vessel Scrubber system. Your Vessel will spend less time in Dry dock and more time in service generating revenue.

Treatment Tank
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