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Pipe SystemThe MARELCO™ Marine Growth Protection System (MGPS) uses impressed current anodes and a Control Panel that is used to set Anode amperages for the desired dosage and time. The anodes are located in the actual pipes themselves. The Control Panel indicates usage and expiration of the Anodes. The system works with all pipe types including PVC.

An electrolytic antifouling system dissolves Copper, Aluminium and/or Iron Anodes in the seawater system. The Anode dissolution prevents settlement of organisms and the development of biofouling. Without the MARELCO™ technology being present blockages to pipes and pumps, fire fighting equipment, reduced flow rates and accelerated corrosion would result. This can lead to loss of Vessel speed and overheating.

The MARELCO™ system will protect your Vessels pipe system, save expensive maintenance and increase the life of the Vessel. Your Vessel will spend less time in Drydock and more time in service generating revenue.


Pipe Anode System
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