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Marelco™ Marine Growth and Corrosion Control uses impressed current Copper and Aluminum sacrificial anodes to control corrosion of seawater piping systems. The system is also highly effective against scale formation. Development and improvement of the original system over the years produced a combined anti-corrosion and anti-fouling system that is Lloyds Register and ABS approved. It is also approved by Transport Canada and the US Coast Guard.

See the list below and find the right marine growth and corrosion control solution for you.

Control Panel
The MARELCO™ constant current control unit is high quality steel dust/splash proof cabinet that incorporates all solid state circuitry and heavy duty components manufactured and tested in our manufacturing facility in British Columbia, Canada to meet any specification. Individual anode printed circuit cards regulate the current to the anodes. Once the current rate is set, the control unit will automatically adjust to compensate for variations in salinity levels and water temperature. Control units require minimum supervision and maintenance.

Anodes and Safety Caps
Marelco™ standard anodes are constructed of 99.9% pure extruded copper, aluminum or iron. Anodes can be formed to any configuration allowing flexibility in positioning and arranging anode locations. All Anodes our made in our brand new manufacturing facility in Victoria, British Columbia Various anode stud diameters are used to meet any standard. The safety caps are hydraulically tested to 100 psi and approved by Lloyds, C.S.I. and the American Bureau of Shipping.

Anode Cages
Anode Cages are custom designed and built for new or existing systems. They are used on offshore rigs, sea water intake pipes and industrial power plants. The purpose of the Anode Cage is to protect submersible pumps or intake pipes from marine fouling and corrosion. The Anode Cage is designed to screen the water to prevent large sea particles from entering the pumps or intake pipes. The Anode Cage housing protects the anodes from the exposed sea.

Treatment Tank
Treatment Tank System can be custom designed and built for new or existing systems. Typically, the Treatment Tank Systems are used when no sea chest is available (or its too small or inaccessible) to provide anti-fouling or corrosion protection in a Ship, Work Boat, Tug, Fishing Vessel or Luxury Yacht. Tanks can also be used to prevent anti-fouling to an intake piping system on an Offshore Platform or Power Plant

Piping Protection
The MARELCO™ Marine Growth Protection System (MGPS) uses impressed current anodes and a Control Panel that is used to set Anode amperages for the desired dosage and time. The anodes are located in the actual pipes themselves. This system protects against both Marine Growth and Corrosion.

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