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Seachest Anodes


Invented in 1950 by EMCS Industries Ltd and arguably the most common anti fouling solution used by the marine industry worlwide, electrolytis anodes are a combination of Copper and Aluminum Anodes that produce ions in small concentrations that are carried by the sea water into the exposed areas of the Vessel. In the case of a Copper Anode this results in the food source passing through the system rather than building up on the surfaces and attracting Barnacles and other Crustaceans. The system therefore keeps the Pipes and Pumps protected. Without anti-fouling protection, pipes become blocked with sea life which reduces the efficiency of the seawater cooling system adding considerable maintenance costs and even damage to the vessel.

Scientifically known as MGPS (Marine Growth Protection System) the MARELCO™ system also eliminates blockages without adding chemicals and is therefore completely environmentally safe. The Aluminum anode ions prevent corrosion in the inside of Seachests and Pipes by creating a film on the internal surfaces , however they also release aluminium hydroxide which acts as a flocculant to the Copper released from the copper anodes. Depending on the composition of the piping system, an Iron Anode is added for increased effectiveness.

A customized system can be added at any time during the life of a vessel and is largely self-managed. The anodes are replaced every few years as they are used up, this can be done by Divers or more commonly during a scheduled dry dock.


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