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The MARELCO monitoring system consists of two parts; the MARELCO SEAFARER software application and the new MARELCO LIBERATOR Control Panel. The two products are sold together to provide the most comprehensive anti fouling system management available today. Gone are the days of regular manual intervention by scarce human resources on board the vessel, and welcome a complete self management and diagnostic system that will ensure maximum efficiency of your anti fouling system.


  • Multiple Control Panels controlled from one central location
  • Shows layout, location and status of an Anode or Transducer in real time
  • Controls each Anode or Transducer automatically.
  • Each virtual card shows all detailed information and stores in data log.
  • Logs the date that its settings were most recently changed.
  • Fully configurable with sophisticated system setup interface.
  • Communicates all information a local PC, Tablet or Smart Phone on the vessel.
  • Remote management of the vessels anti fouling systems
  • The User Admin screen to create and modify users and their permissions.
  • All system features are included but can be configured to suit any security protocol.
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