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Anode Cage

Used to protect intake pumps and piping systems or submersible pumps, most commonly found on offshore platforms where salt water is pumped from the ocean to cool drilling machinery. The system prevents the intake from the ocean becoming completely plugged with marine life and also serves to protect the entire system from corrosion due to salt water exposure.

Electrolytic Marine Corrosion Services, now known as EMCS Industries Ltd was the inventor of the sacrificial Anode solution in 1955 and is now known as MARELCO™. It has been vastly improved over the years and copied by many.

The Anode Cage system, as with the other applications, works by using a Control Panel that impresses DC current through antifouling anodes in a specially designed Cage, the Anode Cage is mounted at the intake of the pipes and keeps the opening to the intake pipe free of biofouling, improving the efficiency of the Pumps and protecting the Pipes and Pumps from Fouling and Corrosion.

An electrolytic antifouling system dissolves Copper, Aluminium and/or Iron Anodes in the seawater system. The Anode dissolution prevents settlement of organisms and the development of biofouling. Without the MARELCO™ technology being present blockages to pipes and pumps, fire fighting equipment, reduced flow rates and accelerated corrosion would result.

The MARELCO™ system will protect your Offshore Platform seawater cooling and Fire Fighting systems, save expensive maintenance and increase the life of the pipes and pumps.

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