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Marine growth fouling in the Leisure Craft industry has become a severe problem and an environmental hazard. EMCS Industries Ltd has the ideal solution for the prevention of marine and fresh water fouling through the use of its NOXX™ LFP antifouling product. This is an inboard system that can be installed on any vessel of any size and made of any material. It will protect the Hull, seawater cooling systems, propellers, rudders, bow thrusters and more.

Tremendous costs are incurred due to partially blocked cooling systems; equipment damage caused by system failures; increased demand on equipment, and higher fuel consumption due to reduced cooling water reaching condensers. NOXX™ LFP aids in reducing these costs and problems, including reducing the number of haul outs. Since its first installation, NOXX™ LFP has proven that shore based industry, and ships of all types, will reap immediate and lasting benefits.

EMCS Industries is in the process of carefully selecting and training certified resellers from all over the world to sell and install these systems. To be selected you would ideally be a yacht broker, boat dealer, marina or boat manufacturer. If you are interested in being an installer, the system is easy to install. If you work on boats, that’s all you need. The goal is to participate in helping customers dramatically reduce the expense and damage caused by Mussels, Pinworms and all types of crustaceans.

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